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Dallas musician, Jason Joseph Maxwell, sat down to talk with us about his debut EP, Keep Your Lettuce Tight, set to be released next Friday, October 26th.

Will Latham | 19 October 2018

photo courtesy of Jason Joseph Maxwell


EP Title: Keep Your Lettuce Tight
Artist: Jason Joseph Maxwell
Release date: 26 October 2018

     Art is in a constant state of evolution. For an artist to grow, they must refuse to remain stagnant. While that may mean something different for everyone, for Jason Joseph Maxwell it means taking risks. Born and raised in San Antonio, Jason has moved all across Texas searching for his own brand of personal and artistic authenticity. He has left behind comfortable, corporate jobs in the pharmaceutical industry as well as consistent, agency-fed cover gigs in order to pursue his dream making a career out of crafting original music. His 3-song EP, Keep Your Lettuce Tight, is set for release across all digital platforms on October 26th.

     Drawing comparisons to artists like Maroon 5 and Jack Johnson, Jason Joseph Maxwell writes upbeat, hook oriented pop music. Each song on the Keep Your Lettuce Tight mirrors the life experiences he has gathered in his travels throughout Texas and corporate America. Putting his confident, positive attitude to work, Jason taught himself how to play a multitude of instruments at a young age. Over the years, he has picked up knowledge on recording in order to self-produce his tracks. This jack-of-all-trades skill set allowed him to record, produce, and track his songs entirely on his own. This talent is brought to life on his newly released single, “Dreams," as well as on his upcoming EP.

You can follow Jason Joseph Maxwell at the links below to keep track of his upcoming shows and release. Be sure to catch his full band EP release show at The Statler on October 26th.


photos courtesy of Jason Joseph Maxwell


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