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Dallas-based bedroom pop artist, dvd, talks with us about his debut EP, The Peter Pan Distortion Dream, designed to be the score to an imaginary dream rock ballet.

Will Latham | 11 April 2019

photo courtesy of David Lunsford

EP Title: The Peter Pan Distortion Dream
Artist: dvd
Release date: 11 April 2019
Track listing:

  1. Britney
  2. Peter Saw a Ghost
  3. Für Luis
  4. Lotus Eater
  5. The Backyard

     THE COMPUTERS ARE TAKING OVER! Local bedroom pop artist, David Lunsford, better known as dvd, takes full advantage of that on his newly released EP: The Peter Pan Distortion Dream. Lunsford’s new EP which he describes as “the score to an imaginary dream rock ballet” showcases his many talents. The modern musician must adapt as times change, and Lunsford has done just that as he wrote, recorded, and played all of the instruments himself on this record.

     Growing up in Del Rio, Texas with a lack of musically inclined friends, Lunsford took to writing and recording songs on his own out of necessity. Falling in love with the music of Koji Kondo (The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario), Lunsford started experimenting more with his music. After achieving little pleasure from writing songs on the piano, Lunsford’s craft took off when his sister gave him her old MacBook. “It wasn’t until I moved to the computer that I really started to organize music visually…and it all made sense to me,” he says. This, along with studying the music of genre trailblazers such as Alvvays and Annie Clark of St. Vincent has allowed him to fully flesh out his 'lo-fi dream rock' sound.
     The Peter Pan Distortion Dream is like if St. Vincent and Ben Gibbard in his days with The Postal Service took acid and blacked out at a house party. With lush soundscapes, quirky synths, sultry vocals, and twinkly guitar riffs, Lunsford manages to take your imagination on a 21 minute and 34 second journey through the distortion of innocence. The opening track, “Britney”, is quintessential bedroom pop as Lunsford’s lackadaisical yet emotive vocals croon over a reverb heavy guitar until an airy synth that sounds like a broken music box comes in and paints a beautifully blurry picture of a girl that just can’t get away from her vices. Stand out track, “Fur Luis”, tells a tragic story about blind faith as it begins with the lyrics:,

               Your boy dropped dead in gym class / Reconcile that with Sunday morning mass.

     With the aid of heavily distorted guitars and layered pop vocal harmonies, the message of the song is left entirely up to the listener to conclude. The EP closes with the heavy-hitting and introspective tune, “The Backyard”. Aided by a fair dose of white noise and distortion, this track drifts back and forth between a lo-fi hard rock jam and a dream sequence as Lunsford repeatedly asks,

               What lives outside the backyard? / What lives outside myself?

     There couldn’t be a more apt title for this EP than The Peter Pan Distortion Dream and myself along with the other folks at Wavelength will be patiently awaiting what’s next for dvd. Until then, be sure to follow dvd at the links below to keep track of his upcoming shows and listen to the new record.


photos courtesy of David Lunsford


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photo by Trevor Jordan

Will Latham is a musician from Dallas, Texas. He plays bass for Ottoman Turks in addition to his solo work, Billy Law. He enjoys sitting on porch couches, wearing pearl snap shirts, and talking about Twin Peaks. Will is the creative director of Wavelength Magazine.

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