Graphic designer and artist Macy Burr discusses her year-old project, Soundscape Studio, in which she has created graphic representations of various music scores.

By: Brittany Griffiths

Creation Over Credentials | Fuck Your Art Degree

A look back over a successful weekened at House of Iconoclasts's, “Fuck Your Art Degree” — the first of many more “outsider” art shows to come in the Fort Worth art scene.

By: Audrey Rodriguez

photo by Zack Huggins

Nowhere or Bust | Open House Art Salon

After a successful night at the first Open House Art Salon, curator and artist Christapher Xo (MXXO), met up with Wavelength to discuss the conceptualization behind Open House and their ideas on "trash art" and the culture of disposability.

By: Brittany Griffiths


photo by Colton White

Romantic Rodeo

An interview with performance artist, Colton White. In our conversation, Colton talks about his upcoming documentary/biopic which focuses on his perception of living in Dallas as a Texas queer all while roller skating around the city exploring the seven primary neighborhoods that Dallas has to offer through urban research and urban exploration.

By: Brittany Griffiths

photo courtesy of Chris Panatier

A Converstaion with Chris Panatier

Dallas artist and writer, Chris Panatier, sat down with Wavelength's assistant designer, Elsa S., to discuss his late, but all-consuming, arrival to the world of art and his process and approach when creating.

By: Elsa S.

photo courtesy of Sarah Magill

Q&A with Sarah Magill, an artist and painter from Dallas, Texas.