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North Texas musician, Kylie Rae Harris, took some time to share her thoughts about the release of her new self-titled EP, Kylie Rae Harris, now out today!

Will Latham | 29 March 2019

EP Title: Kylie Rae Harris
Artist: Kylie Rae Harris
Release date: 29 March 2019
Track listing:

  1. Missouri - Kylie Rae Harris, Jon Randall Stewart
  2. What The Heart Wants - Kylie Rae Harris, Wayne Kirkpatrick
  3. Don’t Let The Walls Fall Yet - Kylie Rae Harris, Dave Berg, Bonnie Bishop
  4. Run Away - Kylie Rae Harris, Stephony Smith
  5. Big Ol' Heartache - Kylie Rae Harris, Jon Randall Stewart, Tommy Lee James
  6. Twenty Years From Now - Kylie Rae Harris, Jon Randall Stewart

     Everyone has a different idea of what you have to do in order to be successful as a musician. Your mom may think that in order to “make it” as a musician you have to wow the judges on The Voice. Ask someone that has been in a punk band for ten years, and they may say it’s all about consistently being on tour. Ask a bedroom pop artist, and they may say that you need to find a receptive online community. The list goes on and on, but when it comes to country music, all roads lead to Nashville. Kylie Rae Harris has done all the dirty work that goes along with being a working country artist thus priming her new self-titled EP to be a great success.

     Over the past five years, Kylie left a publishing deal in Nashville, moved back to Texas, had her heart broken, and has raised a child on her own. Her new self-titled EP is a retrospective piece that examines what it’s like to go through hard times and what it takes to get past them. “This has been a long time coming. I just feel like I got my groove back,” says Kylie as she talks about how personal this record is to her. “When it comes to songs, songwriting and recording songs, I really have to let myself fit into the emotions before I’m ready to get them out there.”

     Throughout the EP, you can tell that Kylie, along with producers David Dorn and Alex Torrez, know exactly what they’re doing. By the end of every song, you’re ready to start it over just so you can sing along. The opening track, “Missouri”, is a Shania Twain-esque tune with dreamy guitar lines that blend perfectly with Kylie’s voice as she sings about what it’s like to ponder and second guess yourself when it comes to love lost. The anthemic “What The Heart Wants” talks about the struggle that goes along with trying to learn from your mistakes. The EP runs seamlessly as the band consistently plays tasteful melodies and rhythms around and in support of the main attraction: Kylie’s warm voice and genuine songwriting. A song for her daughter, “Twenty Years From Now”, serves as a sweet conclusion to the EP, as an acoustic guitar fingerpicks while a pedal steel sweeps in and out of the song creating a vivid picture of driving down a highway completely alone with your thoughts.

     Country music is all about every day things and every day people. It’s not about vague ideas or uncommon occurrences. It’s about being honest. This EP shows that Kylie has talent, sincerity and drive in spades, and she isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. If you ask me, that’s what it takes to make a successful country musician.

You can follow Kylie at the links below to keep track of her upcoming shows and releases. Her full EP, Kylie Rae Harris, is now out today!


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photo by Trevor Jordan

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