LocalPalooza Makes Its 2nd Appearance at Haltom Theater

LocalPalooza makes its way back to the historic Haltom Theater for the second time for an all day show on Saturday, July 6th featuring: Igimèjí, Paradise Within, Chancy, Cherry Mantis, Artemis Funk, Qxotica, Mutha - Falcon, and Bar Stool Brothers.

Will Latham | 3 July 2019

graphic design by Sallie Mood

     DFW is filled with live music venues and bands to play in them, but is the culture around shows shifting? Local musician Ladi, of the band Famous Exchange, certainly thinks so. “How you put on a show is important,” he says. The ways in which fans can experience a show today is constantly shifting and expanding as many bands choose to play more intimate house shows, quirky pop up shows, or even to live stream their performances in lieu of booking a night at an established venue. As the number of potential mediums for performance increases, Ladi believes that the artists and the venues have to “pivot from how they put on shows.” You have to “be unconventional and put it on full blast,” advises Ladi. A mutual friend introduced Ladi to Haltom Theater’s, Chaz Buchanan. They immediately hit it off and Chaz invited Ladi’s band, Famous Exchange, to play a local showcase at Haltom. This would go on to be Localpalooza 1. Energized by the local talent and the space he had to work with, Ladi offered to put together a second feature on his own. After months of planning and promoting, this weekend, Ladi will finally be presenting Localpalooza 2.
     You can attend Localpalooza 2 this Saturday, July 6th, at the historic Haltom Theater in Fort Worth. Localpalooza is first Ladi’s attempt to showcase local artists and change the way the audience experiences a show. Music will span from 2pm-10pm with eight different artists performing throughout the day including Bar Stool Brothers, Mutha - Falcon, Qxotica, Artemis Funk, Cherry Mantis, Chancy, Paradise Within, and Igimèjí.

(( $5 at the door ))

graphic design by    Sallie Mood

graphic design by Sallie Mood


LocalPalooza 2 | Line-Up

photo by    Rick Loredo Jr.


Forged through hardships together in Nepal, Ladi and Kayla (from Nigeria and Texas, respectively) both bring a unique energy to their music which consists of a blend of R&B and soul.

| 2:00pm - 3:00pm |

Paradise Within

Robert, David, and Garth started Paradise Within in October of 2017 with the hope to bridge the gap between rock and funk music. With high energy and emotion, they lay it out on stage for everyone to enjoy.

| 3:00pm - 4:00pm |

photo by    Andrew Sherman


Chancy brings a unique, bright sound everywhere they play. Their blend of funk, pop and rock, balanced with feel good synths, makes for an easy space to dance in.

| 4:00pm - 5:00pm |

photo by    Rick Loredo Jr.

Cherry Mantis

Consisting of five diverse members from Forth Worth and Arlington, Cherry Mantis performs indie rock music with hints of jazz and funk.

| 5:00pm - 6:00pm |

photo by    Elle Elias

photo by Elle Elias

Artemis Funk

Not many bands can jam quite like this one. With a stacked line-up of two percussionists, two guitarists, two horns, and a bassist all guided by strong vocals — Artemis Funk puts out some of the fullest, richest, and grooviest sounds DFW has seen in this era.

| 6:00pm - 7:00pm |

photo by Rick Laredo

photo by Rick Laredo


The Qxotica brand of punk and grunge has to be experienced in real life to know what they're about.

| 7:00pm - 8:00pm |

Mutha - Falcon

Mutha - Falcon is a futuristic blend of punk, funk, and rap with relatable lyrics and high-energy performances.

| 8:00pm - 9:00pm |

photo by    Noel Pombuena

photo by Noel Pombuena

Bar Stool Brothers

The power of the trio compels groove, drive, and kick in a manner well known to people. Bar Stool Brothers found a way to accompany great vocals in a minimal manner with bass, guitar, and drums.

| 9:00pm - 10:00pm |


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