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Crowd Control Q&A | Andy Pickett

1. It seems like people are always wanting to know what to do in order to become successful as an artist. What would you say you have learned NOT to do?
Try not to follow trends. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Don't over think it. Less is more.

2. What are some of the major differences between the Dallas and Fort Worth music scenes?
I've always wondered why there was this negative rivalry stereotype stigma thing between Fort Worth and Dallas. I've lived in both places and made a ton of music in both places and they are both very cool towns with great music scenes. I think that if Fort Worth, Dallas, Denton, and Austin got together, we could have the entire world at our fingertips.

3. You worked with the Austin-based band, White Denim, to produce your self-titled album released last November. Was the writing process collaborative or did you have a list of songs set and ready to go when you entered the studio?
Both. Mostly I wrote the bare bones of the songs, James and Steve and Mike would come in, arrange, produce, little snip here, little tuck there, and it was done. It's a great record and the White Denim crew made it all happen for me. They are some of the best dudes I know. They just released a new album called 'Performance' and were on the Conan O'Brien show last week. Proud of them. They are honest to goodness hard working dudes. Real artists.

4. Being a self-taught musician, you have followed your own path to develop your style of playing. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of not being a classically trained pianist?
I had to learn the hard way, trial and error. There was no internet. I've been doing it since I was seven or eight years old. An advantage is that I can play anything anywhere by memory. The other side of that is sometimes I get lost in practice or in the studio and don't know the correct terms or lingo, it's frustrating. I'm thinking of taking up classes and lessons very soon.

5. If you could plan and go on your dream tour playing music, what are three must-see cities you'd travel to and why?
Paris, because I love french music and bands. Tokyo, because Tokyo. Somewhere in India, because that'd be super far out.

6. What is something you feel is a universal truth when it comes to songwriting?
Have something to say.

31 August | 2018