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Crowd Control Q&A | Becky Middleton

1. What do you find to be your most effective approach to songwriting?
Heartbreak. Kidding, kinda. I tend to err on the side of quality over quantity. So I let it hit me when it hits me. I draw on inspiration from the things I and others around me are going through. And when heartbreak hits, I take full advantage of it. The senses are wide open.

2. Does your approach vary when writing your own music vs. recording as a studio musician?
Only in the sense that when I’m recording as a studio musician for someone else, my job is to be number one at being number two. I’m there to support and enhance their vision. Not my own. That’s the lens I have to see it through. But besides that, it’s still me.

3. You hosted a songwriter round at Opening Bell for quite awhile. What value do you place on open mics and songwriter nights for up and coming artists?
I did! I got to start and host it for four years. I find open mics and songwriter nights invaluable platforms for up and coming artists and even those of us who’ve played a long time and want to try out a new song. Those environments can be very supportive and encouraging, whether it’s a new song to try out or you’ve never played a show or it’s been a while since you have. There’s a camaraderie there that builds confidence. That’s where I started and cut my teeth on becoming a better songwriter.

4. What has been the most encouraging moment you've experienced as an artist?
Probably the moment I released my single, “I’m Still Here” ahead of my upcoming record. Dallas press and radio were so kind to me. It got voted one of Central Track’s Best Songs of the Year as well as the Ghost of Blind Lemon’s. When you write a song that’s just for you to cheer you up and then other people care about it as well, it’s very validating and humbling.

5. Do you see Dallas as a viable city to make a living as a musician?
Definitely. There is just as much amazing talent here if not more than the major music cities. You just have to look for it. Dallas is blessed with being a city that does compensate its musicians more than other places and so many of my fellow musician friends have been doing well and moving to a national level. That speaks for itself.

6. What's one piece of advice you have for people considering making music their full time gig?
Hustle & diversify. It’s all about who you know so make connections and network with good character. If you’re going to do this full-time, have more than one stream of revenue at the same time, which is easier said than done, I know. Because we are essentially contract workers, revenue can change or disappear fast. It took me a long time to understand that. But I’m grateful for the people around me who believed in me enough to impart their wisdom and encouragement.

27 July | 2018