Corusco is a three piece, indie rock band from Bryan, Texas consisting of Aaron Gonzalez (guitar/vocals), Phillip Baugh (bass), and Carlos Garza (drums). You can connect with them on:

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Crowd Control Q&A | Corusco

1. Y'all note in your biography that Corusco is the Latin term meaning, I shine, I quiver, I flicker. What was the reasoning for settling on this word as a band name, and were there any unifying concepts, ideas, or beliefs that brought y'all together as a band in the beginning?
To us, the name “Corusco” represents the idea of feeling things so strongly you have no choice but to react. I came across the word while watching the sun come up over the ocean, watching the light “coruscate” on the water. It felt appropriate that ‘flickering’ implies that there is also a darkness that comes with light. So those opposite-yet-coexisting things became a theme of our music -- how strange it is that joy and sorrow, light and dark, or love and heartbreak, can exist within someone at the same time.

2. Currently, Corusco is based out of Bryan, Texas, however, the band is planning to move to Dallas later this year. What inspired that desire to make the move up north?
We’ve all been in Bryan for the better part of 10 years and it has been an incredible place to grow as a band. I think we realized we needed to make a change, not only to reach a wider audience but so we could grow personally as well. After almost 4 years of being a touring band, we’ve gained the strongest foothold in the Dallas area, so it made a lot of sense. We always have a great time and there seems to be a lot of resources and a great community for us to join and support.

3. Since the release of Wake, things have certainly started to trend upwards for you guys. For instance, signing with a management company and playing larger venues across the country. What are some things y'all have improved upon as a band that have allowed you to see that success manifest?
Yeah, this last year has been kind of crazy. I think it really comes down to us really putting our nose down and doing the work. We are pretty tireless in creating our live show, whether that’s adding a light production and light tech, working tirelessly on making our set second-nature, or hitting the road for a few weeks at a time. It all kind of cascades into one another but it’s really encouraging to see things coming together.

4. Looking at the band, it's quite clear that you guys are very close friends. Talk a little bit about how that influences the dynamics of the band, especially in terms of songwriting and touring.
I think that’s just a natural outcome of us spending so much time together and especially playing shows. We’ve heard horror stories of bands getting into awful fights on the road and straight up not getting along. We’re really lucky to not have that as a problem at all -- it makes touring a breeze. Songwriting is tough enough as it is with one person but the fact that we get along makes it easier to navigate having to blend three different personalities with different musical tastes and come out on the other side with a good song.

5. This stage of being a band can be tough. You're playing significant shows and perhaps can see the light at the end of the tunnel in the sense of becoming a self-sustaining business, but it's also the stage where musicians can doubt themselves the most. What keeps y'all moving forward?
You’re not kidding. It’s easy to be optimistic when things are just starting out and you don’t really have expectations as to where it’s going to go. The thing that keeps us all going is definitely our belief in what we do. At this point, it’s the only motivator that really works. There’s no promise of success so it really comes down to the love of creating and performing.

6. Are there any specific goals you'd like to accomplish as a band in the near future?
Our main goal right now is to get our music out to as many people as possible -- to make every show we play feel as great as the shows we play in Dallas. Getting to the point of being a self-sustaining business wouldn’t be bad either.

7. If y'all had the opportunity to put together your dream show (venue, line-up, the whole nine yards), what would that look like?
Oh damn, this one is hard. There are two extremes for venues: Red Rocks or The Roxy. And it’d be wild to play the show with Taking Back Sunday, Every Time I Die, or Underoath. Throw in some confetti cannons and we’re set.

8. Y'all are headlining a show this week at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas on Saturday, May 25th with So Soon, The Truth and local bands The Herald and McAllister. Is this the band's first time playing at Gas Monkey, how did the show come together, and what are you looking forward to the most?
Yeah, this is the first time we’ll be at the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill! We’re really stoked to have this opportunity. We decided to go on a weekend run with So Soon, The Truth and through us putting together the shows it just kind of happened. I think we’re really just looking forward to playing for fresh faces on a rad stage with some of our best friends. We love the dudes in the bands we’re playing with.

You can find ticket information and more on Corusco's show this Saturday at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill on the Facebook event page.

20 may 2019