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Crowd Control Q&A | Jordan Cain

1. You've been a member of multiple bands that have seen success both on the road and in Dallas. What are some of the key ingredients to that success that would you tell "up and comers" to incorporate into their repertoire?
Perseverance is key, you can’t give up when it gets tough, and it will get tough! You should love what you do. And practice of course, every good artist knows that is key.

2. Your band, Atlantis Aquarius, started playing shows around Dallas in 2016 and last year y'all released your first EP, Niberian Sun. With the first full-length album, Leo's Rising, slated to come out this year – can you pinpoint any differences between your approach to writing an EP vs. a full-length album?
The EP is like a hand shake, a first impression, a quick look, a few things revealed and a few things concealed. I added two live tracks to my ep so people could get more of a feel for the live show. The LP is like a book with more chapters. A little more curated, and reveals much more of the message I’m trying to lay down for past, present, and future listeners.

3. How do you find or create time to write music with as heavy a gig schedule as you maintain?
I’m not one who writes 10 or 20 songs a week to keep up the craft. I have done that in the past but these days I allow the universe to bring me the songs when it’s time. I think it’s better when it comes natural instead of forcing it.

4. Are there certain themes that you find yourself revisiting when you sit down to write?
Yes. Reincarnation and Mysticism are recurring and underlying themes I visit often when writing, as they are most fascinating to me.

5. The number of musicians in the DFW area is on the rise. Do you see this growth trending toward oversaturation or as a beneficial component to building a stronger community in the metroplex?
I do not think it’s oversaturated. I think it is absolutely wonderful. The artists are like flowers blooming in this fertile metroplex. They are the fruit of a healthy scene clearly happening in DFW. I’m proud to call so many of them friends, and I’m happy to see younger artists stepping up. With so much art coming out, I believe we will all look back fondly on this time in our city.

6. What is one of your all time favorite musical memories?
When the music pastor of my church allowed 10 year old JC Aquarius to play drums for the first time (first real gig).

1 March 2019