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Madison King is a local musician from Dallas, Texas. You can find her recently released EP, Livin' Right on:

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Crowd Control Q&A | Madison King

1. What is your ideal environment for creating music?
My ideal environment for creating music is at my house. When a wave of creativity hits, which is usually indicated by thinking of a really good line or hook, I try and ride it until it dies! Most of the songs I end up performing in the long haul were written in under 30 minutes.

2. What album do you never get tired of?
I think I have to be sentimental about an album in order to never tire of it, and one that immediately comes to mind is Miseducation by Lauryn Hill. That album made a huge impression on me when I was first forming my musical identity, and to this day I love the lyrics, the groove and of course Lauryn Hill's powerful, vulnerable, and incredible voice.

3. Do you ever feel stagnant as an artist? How do you deal with that?
Stagnation is part of the process. Writing requires being very open and vulnerable. I simply don't always want to share myself with an audience for many reasons, and my songs tighten up in those times as well. If I'm not ready to deal with something, I can't write a good song about it. I push through by completing a couple lighter or even funny or silly songs before I try to return to something heavier.

4. Have you had any frustrations as a female artist in a predominantly male-oriented industry?
This is such a hard question to answer, because sexism is so weaved into our culture and language and the way we treat each other as men and women. When you're a woman, and you're a working musician, any offer of help or vote of confidence from a man must be examined and carefully handled because you don't know what to expect... or more often you know exactly what to expect. The higher you climb, the MORE this is true.

5.What do you think the music scene in Dallas has that other cities may not?
The music scene in Dallas is vastly diverse, and I would say very supportive. It felt different to me when I was younger, like there was a smaller group of us young nerds trying to play it cool with the older dudes, and that was a very special time in my life... I've been extremely fortunate to have tons of support and love from this community. Whether or not that is the norm for Dallas... I'm sure some would say it is and some would say it isn't.

6. What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
My ultimate goal is to never forget about this talent I've spent my whole life cultivating. To use it because I know if I don't I'll lose it. And to use it to bring happiness to myself and others, and maybe make a little cash doing it.

27 April | 2018