Song Premiere | Margo - Grave Song

Dallas-native Katherine Kloepper (MARGO) releases "Grave Song", the first single off her upcoming EP, Asunder, set to drop in January 2019.

Will Latham | 28 September 2018

photo courtesy of MARGO


Song: Grave Song
Artist: MARGO
Release date: 28 September 2018

     At some point or another, we’ve all wrestled with anxiety. With an endless stream of information constantly bombarding our eyes and ears, how could we not feel overwhelmed? Dallas native, Katherine Kloepper, working under the moniker MARGO, is here to tell us that, “It’s ok to be in pieces. That isn’t what defines us.” MARGO teamed up with veteran producer, Chris Jacobie (Penny and Sparrow, Duncan Fellows, Friendly Savages), to record a 4-song EP that takes the listener through what it’s like to grapple with worry, anxiety, and fear as well as how we can overcome.

     Today MARGO is releasing her first single, "Grave Song", which specifically focuses on anxiety. The atmosphere the instrumentation creates is beautifully eerie and seamlessly juxtaposes with MARGO’s smooth, relaxed vocals. The song gently rises, instilling a sense of urgency in the listener and builds into a dramatic climax, bringing in the whole band for the final minute. Despite this steady crescendo, the track feels like a soothing lullaby. MARGO’s music is a soft, familiar blanket for those looking to find equilibrium. Drawing from influences like Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridges, MARGO is able to turn something dark into something hopeful. “It feels like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff. You have a choice between putting the fear to the grave or letting it envelop you. It’s about coming to terms.” This track is a benediction; you always have a choice. All you can do is your best. Go out and do it.

You can follow MARGO at the links below to keep track of her upcoming shows and releases. Her full EP, Asunder, is lined up to be released January 2019.


photos courtesy of MARGO


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